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A career as a Capital Risk Manager

Starting in December 2022, Musa Abdullazade has been working at LeasePlan as a Capital Risk Manager. During his application, he was still living and working in Hungary. After successfully being gra...

DAK: automated processes with Alteryx

Until recently, many of Collective Intermediary DAK’s error-prone procedures were processed manually, which took a lot of time and left room for errors. Financial Director Ceres van Hoorn knew th...
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Consultant Robbert Woldring about his training grounds

A year and a half ago, consultant Robbert Woldring graduated from Tilburg University with a Master's in Finance. He has been working for Solid Professionals since the beginning of 2022. “At Solid...
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Choosing a traineeship? Check out these 10 things!

A traineeship is a great start to your career: you gain a lot of work experience quickly and develop your talent at lightning speed. 🚀 But there are so many! How do you make sure you’re select...
Alexander Bingel

From Master in Finance to financial analyst at ABN AMRO

Alexander Bingel is a financial planning analyst at ABN AMRO via our traineeship. 💸 In this blog, he’ll take you along in his day-to-day life at the bank and tell you how he uses his training ...

Why a traineeship is the best start to your career

You’re almost done with university and standing at the beginning of your career. The world is your oyster. 🎓💪 You want to gain some more work experience and expand your skill set at the sam...
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Getting started in finance? These are the skills to have

During the past years, finance has become more and more data-driven. Something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Sabine, the Director here at Solid Professionals. She can see that this development is...

Discover what drives you with the Golden Circle

Talent manager Tim Vos guides and supervises recent graduates who are starting their first 'real' job in the financial sector. An important part of his work is coaching young professionals in their...

How to handle cultural differ­ences in your team

The Dutch business landscape is becoming increasingly more international. Companies are gasping for new talent, but can’t find it in the Netherlands due to its tight labour market. That’s why t...
Talent of the future
Sabine ten Brinke

Trend analysis: from a tight labour market to a multicultural one

The number of internationals joining the Dutch workforce has skyrocketed, with a growth that was kickstarted during the Covid-19 pandemic. And this upward trend is one that won’t be fading soon. ...
Talent of the future
Spreker Kathelijn Loos

Create an environment people want to work in

I recently listened to an episode of WorkLife, a podcast by Adam Grant, with the title: The Not-So-Great Resignation. During this episode, organisational psychologist Grant states that in 2021, abo...
Talent of the future
Twee vrouwen praten aan tafel

How to handle your first job

You’ve just graduated (or are about to), and grown-up life is about to start. You don’t quite know what your first job will be, but one thing is for sure; whatever it is, you want to ace it. Ta...