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How to provide guidance to young talent as a manager.

As a manager, you often have insufficient time for the intensive guidance of young talent, even though they greatly need consistent support. In this blog, we will explain how you can still provide ...
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6 soft skills every young professional should have

Beyond the technical skills you developed during your studies, soft skills are equally important for professional success. Skills like effective communication, time management, and adaptability are...

How to connect generation Z to your organisation

Generation Z is frequently labelled as "job hoppers," a peculiar notion given their quest for stability and potential loyalty towards a commendable employer. To retain young employees within your o...

Craft your ideal team with strategic workforce planning

High workloads and constant deadlines often push organisations into a cycle of ad-hoc hiring, where vacancies are filled swiftly without considering the long-term implications. This can result in a...
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How to engage with Generation Z?

The job market is greeting a new cohort: Generation Z. This group not only introduces a fresh perspective but also carries novel expectations into the workplace. Successfully recruiting Gen Z neces...
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How to write an inclusive job vacancy

Having a diverse and inclusive team starts with the right job vacancy. When you use too much jargon or masculine language, you risk missing out on your ideal candidate. This results in a team that ...
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Who is Gen Z?

They are innovative, always online and everything is open for discussion. We're talking about Gen Z, the generation that's currently transitioning into young professionals in the job market. They n...
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Understanding your applicant thoroughly: Guidance for managers

Managers often encounter this scenario: a candidate appears ideal on paper and performs well during interviews, yet doesn’t turn out to be the perfect fit once employed. This situation is frustra...
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How to work well with your boomer colleagues

Imagine finding yourself in a team full of boomers. The people who type with just two fingers, completely fail to grasp your dream of working remotely from Bali, and are baffled by the simplest tec...
Tjardo Grotendorst

Tjardo on his Actuarial Traineeship at MN

Young professional Tjardo wasn't sure about his career path right after graduating. Understandable, with an overflowing inbox full of recruiters and insufficient experience to choose a clear direct...
Vrouw lacht met klant

How a talent manager guides managers

As a manager, you often have limited time to guide starting professionals in your company. A talent manager can significantly ease this responsibility for you. While you, as a manager, monitor the ...
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Jitske Kramer

Wonder and inspiration with Jimmy Nelson & Jitske Kramer

"After 27 years in the financial sector, it's time for new insights," says Jeroen Groothuis, taking a big bite of blueberry yogurt from a black stone bowl. "That's why I'm here. If you don't keep l...
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Andrea Castrillon

Data engineer Andrea about her traineeship at ABN AMRO

Young professional Andrea Castrillon has been working as a data engineer at ABN AMRO bank for almost a year now, and she's loving it! With her small and international team, she is part of the regul...
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A career as a business analyst

Banks, insurance companies, and pension funds are dynamic, yet complex organisations. Consultant Figou recalls his early days, "When I first stepped into the banking sector, the internal workings o...
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Exploring finance roles within a bank

Banks are dynamic and yet complex organisations. As a recent graduate, you might not yet have a clear picture of how a bank operates. This might get you wondering: What are the different department...
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The 4 different generations in the office

From baby boomers to Gen Z: for the first time, the workplace is home to four generations simultaneously. Each with their own opinions and personal preferences. This is something that can lead to c...
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How to manage generational diversity in the workplace

The modern workplace is more diverse than ever, with Baby boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers all working together. And while this mix can lead to clashes, it also offers a wealth of oppor...
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Mees on his work as an account manager

Working with great people, fun colleagues, and a lot of freedom. That's what makes working at Solid Professionals so enjoyable, according to Mees Goosen. He’s been working as an account manager f...

This is how ABF brings in young talent

Finding the right people, especially experienced individuals, is challenging for many managers. Peter Ahsmann, IT Engineering Lead at Asset Based Finance (ABF), a subsidiary of ABN AMRO, faced the ...
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Kathelijn Loos

How inspiring am I (still) as a manager?

It's rarely a requirement in job adverts, seldom discussed in the workplace, and has a different meaning for everyone: inspiration. Nevertheless, inspiration is often the reason why employees stay ...
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Use the STARR method during your job interview

Do you have a job interview coming up soon? Then you want to make a good impression. This is the perfect moment to demonstrate where your strengths lie! 🚀 Everyone can claim that they're really ...
Job interview tips

27 questions you can ask during a job interview

In this list, you’ll find inspiring questions to ask an employer during a job interview that are guaranteed to leave a positive impression!
Job interview tips
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6 reasons why a talent manager is really chill

When you are nearing graduation and starting your first full-time job, a lot of new things are coming your way. 💼 And with that, numerous new challenges will arise! It’s nice to have someone t...
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This is how you prepare for a job interview

🎓 You’ve completed your studies, picked up your degree, and are all set to start your grown-up (working) life! You explore a bit, apply to a couple of jobs, and then…it’s time for the job ...
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Reinardus Redo Haryono

​​​iOS-developer Redo about his traineeship at Tikkie

It took him a while to get here. Literally. Redo had to travel all the way from Java, Indonesia, to get started with his traineeship here at Solid Professionals. But it was worth the trip, as he ha...

10 tips for the perfect resume

You’ve just got your degree and are ready to enter the job market. 👨‍🎓 A standout resume will definitely help you get the attention you need! But where to start? What should (and shouldn...
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Marianne Reussing

Moving up from starter to Managing Consultant

After finishing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a pre-master, consultant Marianne Reussing graduated from the University of Groningen in 2018 with an MSc in Business Administrati...

A career as a Capital Risk Manager

Starting in December 2022, Musa Abdullazade has been working at LeasePlan as a Capital Risk Manager. During his application, he was still living and working in Hungary. After successfully being gra...
Man in stoel

Consultant Robbert Woldring about his training grounds

A year and a half ago, consultant Robbert Woldring graduated from Tilburg University with a Master's in Finance. He has been working for Solid Professionals since the beginning of 2022. “At Solid...
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Choosing a traineeship? Check out these 10 things!

A traineeship is a great start to your career: you gain a lot of work experience quickly and develop your talent at lightning speed. 🚀 But there are so many! How do you make sure you’re select...
Alexander Bingel

From Master in Finance to financial analyst at ABN AMRO

Alexander Bingel is a financial planning analyst at ABN AMRO via our traineeship. 💸 In this blog, he’ll take you along in his day-to-day life at the bank and tell you how he uses his training ...
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Why a traineeship is the best start to your career

You’re almost done with university and standing at the beginning of your career. The world is your oyster. 🎓💪 You want to gain some more work experience and expand your skill set at the sam...
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Getting started in finance? These are the skills to have

During the past years, finance has become more and more data-driven. Something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Sabine, the Director here at Solid Professionals. She can see that this development is...

Discover what drives you with the Golden Circle

Talent manager Tim Vos guides and supervises recent graduates who are starting their first 'real' job in the financial sector. An important part of his work is coaching young professionals in their...
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How to handle cultural differ­ences in your team

The Dutch business landscape is becoming increasingly more international. Companies are gasping for new talent, but can’t find it in the Netherlands due to its tight labour market. That’s why t...
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Sabine ten Brinke

Trend analysis: from a tight labour market to a multicultural one

The number of internationals joining the Dutch workforce has skyrocketed, with a growth that was kickstarted during the Covid-19 pandemic. And this upward trend is one that won’t be fading soon. ...
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Create an environment people want to work in

I recently listened to an episode of WorkLife, a podcast by Adam Grant, with the title: The Not-So-Great Resignation. During this episode, organisational psychologist Grant states that in 2021, abo...
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How to handle your first job

You’ve just graduated (or are about to), and grown-up life is about to start. You don’t quite know what your first job will be, but one thing is for sure; whatever it is, you want to ace it. Ta...