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FAQs: Our Traineeships

Are you considering a traineeship? First and foremost, it’s essential that everything is made clear! Below you’ll find an overview of frequently asked questions.

The traineeship

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is not an internship but a paid starter position where, in addition to full-time work, you receive all the tools for developing your soft and hard skills. If you are a recent graduate, it’s a great opportunity to kickstart your career at a prominent company. 🚀


The specific details of a traineeship vary between organisations. Would you like to learn more about the differences between traineeships? Read all about it here!

What is the difference between a traineeship & the consultancy programme?

When you join our traineeship, you’ll work within one team at one of our clients for two years. From the start, you will be a full member of this team and after those two years, the idea is to develop further within the same team and keep on working for this organisation.


As a consultant, you will work on a project basis for one of our clients. You will not only be part of the client’s team but also a member of our consultancy team. Unlike the traineeship, the consultancy program lasts three years.


Still hesitating? Read more about the differences in the programmes.

Why opt for a traineeship through a third-party intermediary instead of directly with an employer?

While starting a traineeship directly with an employer is an option, a traineeship facilitated by a third-party intermediary brings several advantages. Alongside personalised coaching and a generous training budget for skill development, we provide assistance with your application. Our recruiters share invaluable tips and tricks to ensure you make the best possible impression on the hiring manager.

Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other young professionals. These individuals, much like yourself, are recent graduates working across various companies. This provides a platform to share stories, exchange experiences, and gain insights from one another. 👥

Will you work at different companies during the traineeship?

During our traineeship program, you will work within a single company and will be a consistent member of the same team throughout the duration of the programme. The benefit of this approach is that you can specialise and gradually take on more responsibilities.


If you prefer working across different departments on various assignments, then our consultancy programme might be the better fit for you.

Is the salary fixed?

We offer a fixed salary for each field of expertise. You can find the amount of this salary on our job vacancy pages.

There are some exceptions: highly specialised positions within Risk, Actuarial Science and certain quantitative roles have a higher salary.


Are you applying for the traineeship with one year of relevant work experience? Then your salary will be adjusted accordingly.

Can I participate in the traineeship without taking on the full-time job?

No, participating the traineeship program always involves working full-time with one of our partner companies. This is because the most effective way to learn is through practical experience. 💼

Are there career development opportunities?

Absolutely! You’ll be working at major companies, such as ING, ABN AMRO, or de Volksbank. Over time, opportunities for career development arise with good performance. The specifics of these career development opportunities depend on the department and the type of role in which you will be working.

Do you attend training courses in your own time or during working hours?

Training sessions are always conducted during working hours.

Do you start working right away?

Yes, you begin your job at the client immediately. Throughout the two-year program, you will also attend training courses alongside other young professionals. You won’t begin with a crash course or bootcamp, as we do not hire lateral entrants. We only hire graduates with a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree.📜

Are there fixed start dates for this traineeship?

No, the starting dates are flexible. You can start all year round!

Application procedure

Is it worthwhile to apply for multiple job positions at Solid Professionals?

No, there is no point in applying to multiple vacancies on our website. Your application will be received by one recruiter. We will then discuss your wishes and needs together.


Therefore, apply to the vacancy that aligns best with your background and the role you have in mind. 🎯

How do I know which assignment I will be working on?

Before applying and engaging in a conversation with our recruiter, you may not have a clear idea of the specific role or assignment – and that’s perfectly okay! During your intake interview, we are eager to explore your personal wishes and preferences to discover the role that suits you best. During your interview with the client, the specifics of the role, including the nature of the job and your day-to-day responsibilities, will be clarified.

What are the steps of the application process?

Step one is the intake interview with one of our recruiters in which we discuss your personal preferences. After this, we’ll match you with an open vacancy and introduce you to the manager of that team. If they are enthusiastic and see a match, we schedule job interviews. Usually, the process involves two interviews. During this proces, you’ll receive application training from us. Details may vary depending on the client and the manager of the team.

How long does it take to get an assignment?

The exact timeframe can vary, depending on the season and available assignments. There are typically fewer vacancies during the summer and Christmas holidays compared to September when managers return from holidays. Our goal is to secure you an assignment within 2 to 3 weeks! This includes the time from the proposal to the final interview before you receive an assignment. 📅

Can I start the traineeship while I'm still studying?

We believe it’s crucial for you to successfully complete your studies before launching your career with full focus. The positions available for young professionals require a minimum availability of 36 hours per week. Therefore, starting while you are still studying is not possible. However, you can initiate your application process 2 to 3 months before your graduation date.


Do you need a degree for this traineeship?

Yes, you always need to hold an appropriate degree. For almost all our traineeships, you need a relevant university degree. For the traineeship IT, you can also apply with a bachelor’s degree. Check per vacancy which studies are relevant for the position concerned.

Do I need to live in the Netherlands?

Yes, to participate in the traineeship, you must reside in the Netherlands and be registered with a municipality.

What visa do you need as an international?

To work with us as a non-EU citizen, you need an orientation year visa. You must arrange this yourself. The application process can take 2 to 5 months, so start early! 🛂

Note: The application for the orientation year visa can only be submitted after receiving official confirmation that you have obtained your degree. Since this process take a few months and can only be initiated after graduation, it is essential to research in advance where to go, what documents are required, and how to proceed. This way, once you have your diploma in hand, you can take the necessary steps promptly and initiate the application process.

We can only start working on your behalf after the visa has been approved.

Is your question not listed?

No problem! Contact us and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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