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Almost done with your college or university degree in Finance, Risk, Data or IT? Kickstart your career with our 2-year traineeship. You’ll start working immediately at a leading bank, pension fund, or insurer, with personal coaching from our talent managers. You’ll be employed at top employers like ING, NN, and Tikkie.

  • Development at a rapid pace
  • A personal talent manager
  • Part of a close-knit group of young professionals

What is a traineeship?

With a traineeship, you are assured of a great first employer and a soft landing in your new job (and a new phase in life). In the promising and formative period after your graduation, you’ll get the perfect guidance from us. 

This way, you’ll be well-prepared at the start of your career in the financial sector. And the nice thing is that you don’t have to pay any study costs and receive a salary immediately. This isn’t an internship and a fully-fledged job at the same time. 

Want to know the difference between traineeships? We explain it all.

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Why go for a Solid Professionals traineeship?

Development at a rapid pace

Get ready for growth. Thanks to a program filled to the brim, you’ll develop at lightning speed in leadership, networking and vitality. Alongside this program, you’ll also receive a personal budget to work on the skills that you find important.

A personal talent manager

During the traineeship, you’ll be helped by your talent manager. Thanks to this personal attention, you’ll learn a lot about your qualities and how you can best use your talent. But you’ll also get to know what your blind spots are and how you deal with pitfalls.

Close-knit group of young professionals

You don't have to go it alone. Share experiences and knowledge with young professionals from all different sections in the financial sector. Whether it be about work or personal chat, your team is always there for you. This group develops a strong bond, both on a personal and professional level.

“I thought the MBTI session was the most interesting. During this training, you take an in-depth personality test from which you receive a clear description of who you are as a person and how you go about things.”

avatar Ron Jurgash
Young Professional Finance & Risk

“Everything was communicated super clearly, from the very start. I knew exactly what I was up for when I started, and Solid Professionals always listened to me.”

avatar Carlo Heijink
Young Professional CDD analyst

This is you

  • You (almost) have a higher professional degree or university degree in Finance, Risk, Actuarial Sciences, Business Administration, Data or IT.

  • You’re down to boost your career in the financial sector.

  • You’re driven and want to invest in yourself.

  • Residing in the Netherlands.

  • Available for a minimum of 36 hours per week.

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If you want to learn more about the traineeship, check out our FAQ. Or read what Capital Risk Manager Musa and iOS-developer Redo have to say about it.

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