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About our traineeship

You’ll dive right into work with our two-year traineeship. During this period, you’ll focus on your personal development, gain new hard and soft skills, build a network, and receive intensive support from your own talent manager.

Experience-based training program

Your personal development is the priority in the traineeship. You and the other young professionals in your training group will develop all the skills you need alongside the content of your field. You’ll be inspired and challenged by interesting guest speakers, interactive exercises, and training through sports.

We place a lot of emphasis on building relationships and connections. After all, you’re all going through the same transition—starting your first job and building your network. The training sessions always take place during the day to ensure you’re fully focused.

Guidance from your talent manager

To really develop personally, you’ll have a dedicated talent manager. They will always be your point of contact. You’ll have a monthly meet-up to discuss how things are going and where you stand. Together, you’ll talk about themes such as: how to collaborate effectively, how to maintain a good work-life balance, how to give feedback to colleagues, and what your career path looks like.

Moreover, your talent manager will challenge you to apply what you learn during work and our training sessions in real practice. These meet-ups ensure that you feel comfortable and safe at your workplace and that sufficient attention continues to be paid to your goals. Your talent manager also regularly evaluates your progress with your manager at the client’s site. This ensures that you are well supported in your development from both sides.

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"It's not just about the work; it's about understanding yourself and discovering your strengths and weaknesses."

avatar Andrea Castrillon
Young professional - data engineer

“You have a strong network, good relationships, interesting roles, and offer guidance. And encouragement!”

avatar Alexander Bingel
Alumni - young professional finance

Training Budget and Solid Academy

In addition to the training you receive, you’ll be allocated an annual training budget of €2,000. This can be spent on courses that perfectly match the hard skills you want to develop, such as SQL, Python, or Power BI. You decide, along with your talent manager, which courses are best for you. Since everything is conducted through our online Solid Academy, you can complete these courses from the comfort of your own couch at a time that suits you best.

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Other Benefits

  • Networking: Having an extensive network is beneficial throughout your career. During the traineeship, you’ll meet other young professionals working in the same industry as you. It’s highly valuable to share knowledge and experiences within this network, both now and in the future. This is not only a learning opportunity but also a source of inspiration! Even after your time with us, we make sure to keep crossing paths.
  • Compensation: We know life can be expensive. That’s why you’ll receive a competitive salary. You’ll start at a minimum gross salary of €3,629.53 per month based on a 40-hour week, including holiday pay and a 13th month bonus.
  • Full Focus on Your Development: The traineeship ensures that there is always a full focus on your development. Managers in the financial sector are often busy, which can lead to less attention being paid to collaborating on your goals. However, their busyness should not be a reason for your development to lag. Our guidance ensures that your growth never becomes a secondary concern.
  • Entry into the Financial Sector: Applying for a position at one of our major clients like ING, TIKKIE, or de Volksbank can be challenging. The (junior) roles are highly sought after. With this traineeship, you’re instantly in. This makes future job applications much easier as you’ve already secured a solid entry point into the industry.
  • Confidence: You’ll start working immediately, gaining practical experience that is often lacking just after graduation. At the same time, there’s ample room for guidance and training. This helps you build confidence and reduces the feeling of being out of your depth.

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Want to learn more about the traineeship? Check out our FAQ. Or read what financial analyst Alexander and actuary Tjardo have to say about it. If you’d like to discuss directly with a recruiter, send a message straight to recruiter Jorn!

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