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Attracting, retaining, and guiding young talent, including Gen Z and international professionals, is our specialty. We understand their unique needs and assist employers in adapting their recruitment strategies and providing intensive guidance. Together with us, organisations can create an inspiring and long-lasting work environment that appeals to and retains young talent.

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Who we are and what we do

We believe in growing lasting relationships, those that allow us to collaborate on a basis of trust. And we’ve been doing this for over 17 years. We’re knowledgeable, involved, and love being challenged by our partners.

People make up the base of our integral services. Talented young professionals, experienced consultants, and interim professionals; all people who have guts and won’t shy away from a challenge.

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Great place to perform

We want to ensure that we are a Great Place to Perform for our colleagues and partners. That means challenging and, in return, being challenged. Trusting one another. Making mistakes and learning from them. And, probably the most important one, we base all of this around the conviction that work should make you happy. Sound good? Check out our open vacancies.

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The Hup

As a subsidiary of the Hup, Solid Professionals stand for the same values. One of them is visible in the name of Hup itself, spelt with a P to further underline the importance of people. The ones we work with and the ones we work for. Multiple subsidiaries have been created by our employees with ambition and that entrepreneurial drive. In addition to Solid Professionals, The Hup is also the parent company to DNFS, Amsterdam Data Collective and the Instituut voor Vitaal Ondernemen.

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Creating more equal opportunities

Unfortunately, not everyone gets the same opportunities in life. Chances to develop, venture into unknown paths, or even gaining access to the most basic of needs aren’t a given. That is why we have taken steps to be a partner for people who are less fortunate or marginalized. For example, we have built partnerships with Tika Foundation, Jinc and Fruitful Office, all of which help us take steps in order to create a more equal world.

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