Entrepreneurship = CSR

In our book, doing business is, by definition, socially responsible. Yes, we know we’re a for-profit organisation, but profit isn’t just for shareholders. We believe that profit can be shared amongst our employees and society too. Moreover, profit isn’t an end but a means. A means to contribute to the well-being of our employees, to the world, and to the people around us.


Good for us, good for other

You get a shot; they get a shot

For every person who finds their new job here at Solid Professionals, we make a donation to the Tika Foundation, ensuring that a child in Nepal gets to go to school for another 6 months.


Where you’re born has a pretty hefty effect on how you’re welcomed into the job market. Kids from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are offered lessons via JINC to teach them how to apply for jobs and digital skills from our recruiters and consultants.

Care & Share

In addition to this, we also organise the charity pitch every year. Anyone in the company can “pitch” a charity that they have a personal connection with or deem incredibly important. Once the charities have been introduced, it’s time for us to vote! The charity that receives the most votes will get this year's donation from Solid Professionals.

Healthy mind, body & soul

People are at the heart of an organisation. Our employees are our greatest asset, and that is why we think it is important that they feel comfortable in their own skin. For those who want it, we have a gym in the backyard where they can join in on a boot camp. In addition to this, a vitality coach is available for anyone who needs it. And as a sponsor of the Maliebaanloop we’re keen to get everyone up and running (literally).  However, we’re also open to other (sports) sponsorships.

We want the things that are good for us to be good for others too. That is why the fruit in our office comes from Fruitful Office, and our coffee sourced directly from Nepal via 80 Days. And yes, even our toilet paper from The Good Roll is responsible. Oh, and our company bikes are made by BrandBikes, and we’re all transitioning to electric driving.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also stimulate employees intellectually. With an annual Youbedo book budget, employees can select books that inspire them or that support them in their personal development. Up to 12% of the purchase amount goes to a charity of your choice.

More about us as an employer
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