Talent for your organisation

Solid Professionals specialises in recruiting, mentoring, and retaining talent in Finance, Risk, Data & IT. We not only ensure the perfect match on both a professional and personal level, but also support these talents with intensive guidance and relevant training. Opt for the reinforcement that best suits your challenge.

Future-focused talent

From our expertise, we assist organisations in recruiting, retaining, and mentoring young talent.


More and more internationals and Gen-Z'ers are entering the workplace. Who is this new generation? How do you reach them? And how do you make sure that they want to join your team?

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When you put in a lot of effort to attract young talent, you want to avoid them leaving within a year. So, how do you retain young talent in your company?

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Gen Z craves continuous growth and development. To achieve this, good mentoring at the start of their career is essential.

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