Professionals who take your organisation to the next level

Solid Professionals will always find the most skilled people to support your company in the field of Finance & Risk, Data, and IT. From talented young professionals to experienced consultants. In addition to that, we’ll help you improve data flows and business processes with our state-of-the-art Tech Solutions.

Specialist knowledge

Through years of experience in Finance, Risk, Data & IT, we’ve built quite the knowledge base. We specialise in the following two subjects:

Data-driven Finance & Risk

Problems surrounding data analysis, quality, and visualisation require smart solutions. Data-driven Finance & Risk allows the financial industry to become, and stay, transparent and healthy.

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Future-focused talent

The market, human capital, the world: everything changes. But one thing is certain; talent determines the future. As an employer, you must act upon the current situation whilst simultaneously looking ahead. Transformation is a must.

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