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Young professionals

Our young professionals are ready to get started in your team! They have been educated in the fields of Finance, Risk, Data & IT. And they are intensively guided by our talent managers. After the 2-year traineeship, they can work for a longer period in your company based on a secondment with agreement to employ.

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Why our young professionals?

The benefits:


  • No time required for recruiting and selecting suitable candidates.

  • Continuity: young professionals transition to employment for free after a two-year traineeship (95% success rate).

  • Advanced program focused on professional and personal growth.

  • Intensive guidance by talent managers.

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Strategic support

Young talent is scarce. And often, you don’t have the time to guide them properly. In our program, the talent manager takes on this guiding role and acts as a sparring partner for you as a manager.

Curious about how our talent managers can support you? Lieke, head of talent management, will tell you all about it.

With over 15 years of experience, we fully understand what motivates this group and where their needs lie. This expertise enables us to effectively recruit talent for your team, help them realise their full potential through our intensive mentoring, and retain them in your organisation for the long term.

What clients say

Happy customers like ABN AMRO, ING, Athora, and APG have preceded you. Read about the collaboration with Peter Ahsmann from ABF, a subsidiary of ABN AMRO.

Solid Professionals takes the challenge off our hands to train young professionals into all-round business analysts. Along with the coaching, this offers relief.

Wesley in der Maur
Chapterlead ING

Most young professionals continue working with us after their traineeship is completed. On my previous department, all three of them are still employed.

Peter Ahsmann
IT engineering lead

Want to know more about our young professionals?

Are you curious about our approach and what we can do for your organisation? We would love to think along with you!

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Frequently asked questions

Where in the Netherlands can we deploy young professionals?

Our young professionals are ready to get started across the country. Although the majority of our clients are located in the Randstad, we deploy our young professionals to locations throughout the Netherlands.

What roles can we hire a young professional for?

Our young professionals are trained to start as juniors in roles including IT engineer, quantitative risk analyst, model developer, finance process analyst, controller, portfolio manager, functional specialist CISO, data engineer, business developer, IT realisation officer, risk manager, and actuary. Are you seeking young talent for another role in Finance, Risk, or Data & IT? We’re also here to help you find the right match.

How long does it take from application to the start of the young professional?

After your contact request, we schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and challenges. Once we have a clear understanding of who you’re looking for in your team, we dive into our talent pool to find the perfect match that aligns with your request. In most cases, you’ll receive a shortlist of suitable candidates within a few days, sometimes even within a few hours. After discussing the profiles together, we arrange the interviews. If it’s a match, we conduct a general background screening of the candidate and organise an introduction with one of our talent managers. Together, we set up a development plan for the next two years, so the young professional can start strengthening your team from day one!

What is a secondment with agreement to employ?

With our secondment with agreement to employ arrangement, you can hire the young professional after the deployment period at no extra cost. This model combines the flexibility of temporary staffing with a sustainable solution for your team. Since the focus of the traineeship is on the candidate’s transition, you invest from the start in a long-term strategy for your department.

How do you keep the training programme up-to-date?

We have been mediating in the financial sector between young professionals and a wide range of clients for years. We speak to managers in the industry daily, giving us precise insights into current trends and needs. Additionally, we’re constantly in dialogue with our young professionals about what they enjoy in our programme and where we can improve. Thus, we continuously adapt our programme to meet the needs of the current generation.

Why do young professionals choose our traineeship?

That’s mainly due to the structure of our traineeship. Young professionals start working in one specific department right away, without needing to go through mandatory internal training. We only hire young professionals who have completed a degree relevant to the role they will be filling. Thus, during their studies, they have already secured the theoretical foundation necessary to get started. Through our program, they receive exactly what they need to be successful in the workplace.


We distinguish ourselves as the sole enterprise entirely devoted to guiding starters as they embark on their careers in the financial sector. We are proud of our high ratings, with 4,6* op Google and 4,4* op Glassdoor. Besides this, we take great care of our young professionals; we offer one of the highest salaries in the market and excellent secondary benefits. Our reputation is built on a deep understanding of both candidate and employer expectations, enabling us to create a truly good match. This encompasses more than just aligning job functions; it involves ensuring a genuine personal connection as well.