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Retaining young talent

When you put in a lot of effort to find young talent, you want to avoid them leaving within a year. However, research indicates that a staggering 61 percent of highly educated employees change employers within two years of starting their first job. So, how do you retain young talent in your company?

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Retaining Gen Z

The first step towards retaining your Gen Z employees is making sure you understand their values and priorities. For this generation, inclusivity is a given, and diversity is a significant asset. Gen Z also values companies that contribute to the world, not just focused on their financial interests. If inclusivity or CSR is not genuinely emphasised in your organisation, offering a higher salary won’t be a long-term solution.

Due to their desire for stability, they take fewer financial risks than their predecessors and prioritise job security. Simultaneously, if you don’t inspire or challenge Gen Z talent, their motivation drops rapidly. And if they feel mistreated, they won’t hesitate to leave.

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Retaining your international Gen Z employee

To retain international Gen Z employees, your organisation must embrace and actively promote diversity. Make them feel welcome, encourage a diverse work environment, and create a culture where international employees can celebrate their backgrounds and feel valued. Learn about the cultural backgrounds of your international Gen Z employees.

What is the primary language within your company? English? And is it spoken by the team during lunch, or does everyone revert to Dutch? Adjusting this, demonstrates respect and helps adapt to the new environment.

International employees face unique challenges, such as homesickness and cultural adjustment. It’s crucial to acknowledge this and provide support when needed.

Our talent managers have undergone training to better coach internationals and advise their managers. This helps the talent manager eliminate cultural misunderstandings in a team that is becoming increasingly international.

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15+ years of experience in retaining top talent

With over 15 years of experience, we fully understand what motivates today’s talent and where their needs lie. Our daily interactions with these talents and their managers provide insight into the differences in their needs and expectations. This knowledge enables us to find the right talent for your team and connect them for the long term to your organisation. Companies such as ABN AMRO, ING, Athora, and APG have preceded you.

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Attract, retain and grow talent

Throughout the entire process from attracting to completing the traineeship, we provide customised guidance to the young professional and the manager.

Our services

Young professionals

From day one young Finance, Risk, Data & IT talents become part of your team, and are mentored by us. After a 2-year secondment with agreement to employ, they can be taken over free of charge.

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Young consultants

Are you seeking flexible options to scale your capacity up or down as needed? Our team of Finance & Risk consultants, ranging from eager juniors to seasoned experts with several years of experience, specialise in driving change projects on a project-by-project basis.

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