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Mentoring young talent

As a manager, you often lack sufficient time to provide intensive mentoring to juniors in your team. Good mentoring not only involves advice on specific tasks, objectives and processes, but covers a broader scope including career guidance, personal development, and often emotional support. To do this well, it requires your full attention and time, as only then the young professional can fully unleash their potential.

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Mentoring and guiding Gen Z

Mentoring Gen Z in the workplace is essential due to their desire for continuous growth and development, feedback, and recognition for their efforts. This generation places great importance on a healthy work-life balance. Our guidance enables them to improve their time management skills while learning how to recognise and effectively address signs of overload and stress.

And do not underestimate the transition from student to full-time work; it is significant and comes with many challenges for the individual. We ensure a smooth transition, which lightens your managerial load by adeptly steering the young professional’s integration.

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Mentoring internationals

More and more internationals are entering the Dutch workplace. This not only presents opportunities but also significant challenges. The right approach goes beyond just the recruitment process.

A diverse workplace requires tailored guidance because diverse backgrounds have different needs. For instance, someone from a hierarchical culture may not immediately express their thoughts to you, ‘the boss.’ And you, as a manager, may not understand why they haven’t said anything when they resign. However, saying as a manager, ‘Just try until you figure it out,’ will not be well received by a young professional from a hierarchical or collectivist culture. The given trust from the manager will to will lead to a tense young professional.

Our talent managers coach our young professionals on this and advise managers on bringing cultural worlds together. Thus, the talent manager helps a team, becoming increasingly international, eliminate cultural misunderstandings in the workplace.

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15+ years of experience in growing top talent

With over 15 years of experience, we fully understand what motivates today’s talent and where their needs lie. Our daily interactions with these talents and their managers provide insight into the differences in their needs and expectations. This knowledge enables us to find the right talent for your team, connecting them to your organisation for the long term. Companies such as ABN AMRO, ING, Athora, and APG have preceded you.

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Attract, retain and grow talent

In the entire process from attracting to the completion of the traineeship, we provide tailored guidance to both the young professional and the manager. This way, we establish long-term relationship between the candidate and your organisation.

Our services

Young professionals

From day one young Finance, Risk, Data & IT talents become part of your team, and are mentored by us. After a 2-year secondment with agreement to employ, they can be taken over free of charge.

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Young consultants

Are you seeking flexible options to scale your capacity up or down as needed? Our team of Finance & Risk consultants, ranging from eager juniors to seasoned experts with several years of experience, specialise in driving change projects on a project-by-project basis.

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