​​​iOS-developer Redo about his traineeship at Tikkie

It took him a while to get here. Literally. Redo had to travel all the way from Java, Indonesia, to get started with his traineeship here at Solid Professionals. But it was worth the trip, as he had the chance to work as an iOS developer for Tikkie, the well-known payment app. In this blog, he’ll tell you all about it! 👇

Kirsten van der Kraan
Kirsten van der Kraan

From Java to the Netherlands

26 year old Reinardus Redo Haryono – known as Redo to his colleagues – came to the Netherlands from Java, Indonesia: “I have friends here who convinced me to move to the Netherlands,” Redo explains. “I was working as a freelance developer in Indonesia as a side job during my studies. I developed desktop software for tech start-ups, but I really wanted to get into app development, both iOS and Android driven. To get to grips with iOS development, I became a member of the Apple Developer Academy.”

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Reinardus Redo Haryono

Working on the Tikkie-app

Redo studied information technology at the Fontys University of Applied Science, here in the Netherlands. After finishing his degree, he joined Solid Professionals. Via our IT traineeship, he works as an iOS developer for Tikkie. Alongside his team, he is responsible for facilitating the ​​​​monetisation part of the app. “Monetisation is the process of generating income. In this case, generating income for the app itself,” Redo explains.

Good vibes

Everyone knows Tikkie, but the name isn’t the best part of the job. Redo: “I work with a nice and diverse group of people. The atmosphere is really good, and there’s a nice balance between Dutch people and expats from all over the world. And everyone at the lunch table speaks English, which is great for me!”

This sense of home came quickly. “During the interview, I felt a good vibe, and it never went away,” says Redo. “I really found my place here at Tikkie. It is a technical and professional working environment, yet very relaxed.”

“I really found my place here at Tikkie. It is a technical and professional working environment, yet very relaxed.”

Recruiter to the rescue

Our recruiter, Thomas, got into contact with Redo and went looking for his perfect match. “The first job that Thomas presented me with wasn’t something for me. But the job interview I had for it gave me something I could compare Tikkie to,” Redo tells us. “And Thomas helped me prepare for all of the interviews. That was extremely valuable for me, as it was quite different to how we do things in Indonesia. It’s not common for us to talk about our private lives during interviews, for example. The way you present yourself, what you should and shouldn’t say, how to clearly and concisely frame your job experiences; Thomas taught me all of that”.

From personal development plan to expat tips and tricks 

As a starter in the labour market, you have a lot to deal with. Especially when you’re relatively new to the Netherlands, that’s why all our young professionals have their own talent manager. Something that has also worked well for Redo: “Together with my talent manager Floris, I set up a personal development plan. We walk through the progress together every month! And in between these talks, I can ask him just about anything, both big and small things. Even which bus to take” says Redo with a laugh. “Ideal for an expat like me!”

“To increase your chances of getting that one job, you have to show what you can do and how you’re better at it than the others.”

Tip: show what you can do 

Moving to the Netherlands from a country outside the EU isn’t easy; Redo knows this all too well: “You might think the biggest challenge is behind you once you have a work visa and a place to live. But finding a job can also be quite difficult.” He says it helps if you​​​​ show off your skill set. “For instance, I’ve made a portfolio of my projects. To increase your chances of getting that one job, you have to show what you can do and how you’re better at it than others. Show a website or app that you have built and prove to your future employer what skills you have mastered.”


Redo is incredibly happy in the Netherlands and with his job at Tikkie. He has enough ambition, but if you ask him what he wants most in the world, the answer is not work-related: “The next step is to get my girlfriend to the Netherlands because she is still in Indonesia. If that works out, I’ll be very happy here!”

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