How to engage with Generation Z?

The job market is greeting a new cohort: Generation Z. This group not only introduces a fresh perspective but also carries novel expectations into the workplace. Successfully recruiting Gen Z necessitates a reevaluation of conventional strategies. So how do you, as an employer, reach these young talents?

Marjolein Jansen
Marjolein Jansen

What Generation Z expects from employers

Born between 1997 and 2012, Generation Z is the first to grow up in an entirely digital era. While traditional incentives like a competitive salary and secondary benefits remain crucial, Gen Z looks beyond these. They seek employers who prioritize transparency, diversity, flexibility, and personal autonomy. Demonstrating these values as a company increases your chances of forging lasting partnerships. But how do you go about this?

Your company’s ethos is reflected in your communications and job postings, presenting an opportunity to showcase what you stand for. Consider highlighting your diversity policies, sharing real stories and photos from your team, and being candid about your flexibility in job descriptions to align expectations with reality. If your vacancy doesn’t resonate with these points, it might be less appealing to younger candidates, indicating a need for change.

Recruiter Amanuel observes that Gen Z has different needs compared to their predecessors. “I’ve noticed that Gen Z candidates value the company’s culture more than working for a big name. They’ve become more discerning, considering a company’s social contributions and values.”

Revamping the recruitment process

Attracting Gen Z starts with scrutinising your recruitment process. Is it still relevant? Recruiting Gen Z requires a different approach than previous generations. By demonstrating that your company aligns with their values and needs, you’re more likely to attract young talents. But it’s more than just reflection; apply these values during the hiring process, for instance, by responding promptly to applicants. Understanding Gen Z’s characteristics is crucial.

“If young people feel misunderstood or not taken seriously, they’ll simply go elsewhere,” Amanuel explains. “Therefore, being transparent about the role and quick to act is crucial, or you risk missing out on this new generation in a competitive job market.”

How to engage with Generation Z?

Research by Ipsos suggests that Gen Z is exposed to media for up to 13 hours a day. To effectively reach them, you need to be present on the platforms they use. This means moving beyond traditional job boards and avoiding cliché job descriptions like ‘no 9 to 5 mentality’. Actively using the right social media and digital channels is essential. According to the study, they spend an average of 3-5 hours a day on TikTok alone.

Gen Z is visually oriented and has an average attention span of 8 seconds. Thus, short videos are particularly effective with this group. They navigate social media at lightning speed, making it important to deliver a powerful, noticeable, and genuine message quickly. Content that reflects your company culture and values will capture their attention.

“Authentic communication has become more important. There’s no need to embellish. If you’re transparent, there’s a higher chance of engaging young talent,” says Amanuel. “They appreciate clarity about the role and the company, so ensure this is part of your recruitment and communication strategy.”

Mentorship and inspiration

Gen Z looks for roles that are not only challenging but also offer opportunities for personal growth and development. They value a culture where feedback is welcomed and learning from colleagues and leaders is encouraged. Therefore, communicate the type of mentorship and growth opportunities available at your company.

“Young talent wants to be inspired by their work and employer,” Amanuel continues. “They’re drawn to companies that offer more than just a job but also the chance to contribute to something bigger. Show and tell how your company makes an impact and how Gen Z can be part of this mission.”


Future-proof recruitment

Recruiting Generation Z requires a fresh approach. Having grown up with the internet, they will primarily scrutinise a company online before applying. Focus on an active presence on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and create authentic, visually appealing content. Involve them in the development process and highlight opportunities for growth, development, and the impact they can make within your organisation.

By implementing these strategies, you can not only effectively reach Generation Z but also motivate them to join your team, creating a dynamic and forward-looking work environment.

For years, we have been the link between young professionals and clients in the financial sector. We engage daily with young professionals to understand their work needs. Based on this, we ensure our program continuously meets the desires of the current generation and advise managers on recruiting, engaging, and retaining young talent.

Involve Gen Z in the process!

Engaging Generation Z in your recruitment process opens doors. An effective way to do this is by actively conversing with them on social media. Ask about their expectations and preferences to tailor your recruitment strategies accordingly. Gen Z values having their voices heard and sharing their insights. By directly involving them in your recruitment process, you gain great insights.

By making Gen Z part of your campaign development, products, or services, you personalise the experience and leverage their creativity. Work not just for your target audience but with them. This significantly increases the likelihood of establishing a long-term relationship with your brand or organisation.

Want to learn more about Gen Z?

We work with Generation Z on a daily basis. Want more insight into how you can attract young talent? Recruiter Amanuel would be happy to discuss this with you.

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