Why a traineeship is the best start to your career

You’re almost done with university and standing at the beginning of your career. The world is your oyster. 🎓💪 You want to gain some more work experience and expand your skill set at the same time. In that case, a traineeship is the perfect choice. In this blog, we’ll discuss all the perks and benefits of a traineeship and show you how to find one that suits your ambitions.

Kirsten van der Kraan
Kirsten van der Kraan

But first: what is a traineeship?

Companies first created traineeships for starting professionals (such as yourself) to learn the ins and outs of their field of expertise. The general definition of a traineeship is a starter position in which you both work and learn. Traineeships can differ per organisation, but in all cases, it will be a combination of a full-fledged job and a learning trajectory. The goal is to train you into a specialist in a certain field. Working, learning, and personal development are all key in a traineeship programme. Think of it as a bridge between your studies and your working life.

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The benefits of a traineeship

Consider entering a traineeship after your studies? Great! Because they bring along a ton of benefits. We’ve made an overview of them right here:

1. You keep learning, except this time, it’s paid

Making money whilst learning. Sounds good, right? Well, it’s exactly what you’ll do during a traineeship. You get paid from day one, whilst you still get to develop yourself. But the exact specifications of the development part of a traineeship can differ per traineeship and company, so keep a keen eye on the details!

2. You develop at lightning speed with a ton of guidance

This is your first job; you’re starting at the bottom, you need to get used to your newfound rhythm in work, and you’re gaining a ton of experience whilst you’re at it.  Yup, your first real rob can be quite a challenge. And a little help now and then isn’t an unnecessary evil. Most traineeships provide you with a coach to get you through. With us, you’ll get a personal talent manager.

Your talent manager will help you set and reach your goals. With a ton of personal attention, you’ll learn your best qualities and how to use your talent optimally.  You’ll also learn what your blindspots are and how to avoid them. In short, you’ll get to know yourself a lot better.

3. You’ll expand or specialise your knowledge

One traineeship might have you working in multiple different departments during the course of a year. You’ll gain a broad knowledge of many topics and fill your resume significantly. However, other traineeships will place you in one single department for a year, giving you the advantage of being able to specialise yourself. These types of traineeships are perfect for those who want to become an expert in their chosen field. Whichever traineeship suits you best depends on you and your wishes.

4. You’ll learn specific skills and obtain certificates

During a traineeship, you can follow multiple courses and obtain CV-boosting certificates. You’ll usually have autonomy in choosing how your developmental budget is spent and what hard skills get priority when doing so. Think of a training in SQP, Python, Power BI or getting your CFA certificate (Chartered Financial Analyst). But you can also opt to use your budget on soft skills such as training in stakeholder management, presentation courses, or training to boost your mental resilience.

5. It’s a lot easier to get into big corporates

Big corporates aren’t always the easiest to get into—especially those in the financial sector. A traineeship makes getting into one of the big banks or financial institutions much easier than when you try to apply for a starter position. It’ll give you a good impression of what it is like to work somewhere, and once your traineeship is over, you will have a better chance of getting a job at the same organisation. For example, 94% of our young professionals join the client after completing the traineeship. 

6. You’ll build a network in no time

A large network offers many possibilities and opportunities; however, at the beginning of your career, your network still needs to grow. Your traineeship is the perfect moment to meet and connect with new people. You can create new connections with people inside and outside the organisation and with your fellow trainees. At this rate, you’ll have a huge network in no time.

‘The Solid Professionals traineeship is a great stepping stone into working at a large company. I don't think I would have dared to apply by myself.'

– Sharon, Financial Accounting Specialist (Traineeship Finance)

Where do you find a traineeship?

Looking for a traineeship that suits you? There are multiple websites and job boards you can look at, like Indeed, LinkedIn or Magnet.me. But that’s not the only way. You can contact intermediaries (like us here at Solid Professionals) who offer traineeships. Many large organisations work with parties like us because they can be sure that the trainees are properly supervised. 

So, keep a close eye on the various intermediaries for new open traineeships and talk to different companies. It’ll allow you to learn more and compare. After all, it’s your career and your future!

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Are there any negative sides to a traineeship?

You can’t have advantages without some disadvantages. So before making such an important decision, it’s good to look at both sides. Firstly, a traineeship can be quite intensive. You’ll learn a lot in a short period, and this can be very demanding. It’s a great challenge, but you do need to be ready for it. There can be some strict admission requirements, such as a university master’s degree or an average final grade (GPA) no lower than 7.  Finally, a traineeship can take quite some time, ranging from about 1 to a maximum of 3 years. That’s why picking the right traineeship for what you want to achieve is important.

So, keep these points in mind when making your decision. Good luck!

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Want to learn more?

Check out our traineeships for more information! Would you rather chat with one of our talent managers or recruiters? Reach out via one of our traineeship openings.

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