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Young Professional Programme

We have designed a unique traineeship programme specifically for our young professionals, in collaboration with experts in leadership and Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI). This programme acts as a key link from university life to the professional environment, catering specifically to the transition phase for recent graduates. We ensure it remains relevant by continuously adapting it to the current challenges faced by organisations and to the unique needs of today’s generation.

  • Continuously developed programme since 2007
  • Development of both hard and soft skills in talent
  • Successfully implemented at organisations including ABN AMRO, MN Services, and Athora

The four pillars of our programme

In terms of professional knowledge and personal development, we prepare our young professionals over two years to become fully developed experts. At the end of the traineeship, they will possess a significant amount of self-awareness, hard skills relevant to the workplace, and will be part of a close community.

With the needs of organisations and the current generation in mind, we have built our programme on four pillars:

1. Guidance

Guidance for the young professional includes support from the talent manager and we also involve you as a manager in the process. Furthermore, we provide an environment where people from diverse backgrounds can connect, collaborate, and support each other in their personal and professional growth. We aim to promote a sense of belonging, create networking opportunities, encourage skill development and knowledge exchange, and foster cultural understanding and interaction. This translates into the daily activities in your team.

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2. Self-improvement

Self-improvement for our young professionals means actively working on their personal development, focusing on taking the next step in their effectiveness. This is reflects in the work they do every day. It includes striving for a better understanding of themselves and addressing both their strengths and areas needing improvement.

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3. Global Inclusivity

Diversity in background, beliefs, nationality, and culture is important. A diverse group of colleagues challenges each other and offers new perspectives on tasks. In this, we aim to inspire and support you as a manager. What is the effective approach to embracing diversity within teams and in the individual development of a young professional? With our knowledge of diversity, we contribute to bridging the diversity gap in the workplace.

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4. ROI-Driven Improvement

We tailor the programme as closely as possible to the needs of today’s young professionals. The needs of this group evolve over time. Therefore, it is essential to use direct feedback to explore how our programme and talent management can evolve accordingly. In this way, we ensure that our approach is effective and creates maximum value for both the young professional and for you as a manager.

Our Approach

Over a period of two years, they receive exactly what they need to be successful in the workplace.

Talent management

Our young professionals are intensively guided by a dedicated talent manager – who also acts as their point of contact. They check in monthly to discuss development points, experiences, and questions. Moreover, they are encouraged to apply the learning material from the training programme in practice. Furthermore, an evaluation takes place every six months, where progress is discussed together with the manager or team lead

Read more about the role of a talent manager.

Experiential Training Programme

Every young professional follows the same programme, in a set training group. In this programme, they are surprised, challenged, and inspired to improve their work. This is not about developing content-focused knowledge of their work, but about personal development and the skills they need in addition to the content. We pay a lot of attention to the connection within the training groups, as they go through the same change together: starting their first job! The trainings are experiential, occasionally in a game format, and sometimes even with sportswear on. They can be attended during working hours and we conclude by dining together.

Hard skill development

Depending on the department and role, but also per young professional, what someone needs to excel in their work varies. Therefore, this part is completely customised. The young professionals receive a sufficient training budget, to be spent on courses and training that contribute to their personal learning objectives. This can be through our own learning platform ‘Solid Academy’. On this platform, there is a wide range of courses that meet their learning needs and the skills required in your team.

"I have really noticed the benefits of the Solid Professionals' training for my personal development. The 'Secure Base' training, about being challenged in a safe environment, really stood out for me."

avatar Tjardo Grotendorst
Actuarieel analist - MN Services

"My talent manager Sophie has played a crucial role in my development; we focused on cultural differences within my team. Her practical advice improved our communication and collaboration, leading to better team cohesion."

avatar Andrea Castrillon
Data engineer - ABN AMRO

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