• IT
  • Traineeship
  • Junior
  • €3,629 p/m
  • 36 - 40 hours
  • Randstad

Junior Software Engineer

(Almost) got your bachelor degree in IT? And do you want to elevate your knowledge and skills to the next level? Start your career with a challenging role with one of our partners and invest in your personal development at the same time.

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This is what you'll do

As a software engineer, you’ll immediately become an integral part of one of our partners’ internal teams. You’ll have the opportunity to work at companies such as ING, Tikkie or Nationale Nederlanden. During your assignment, you’ll build, maintain and develop software. In short, you’ll mostly be involved in translating real-world problems into digital solutions. You must be fluent in programming languages such as Python and Javascript. 

The job varies per partner, depending on the company type, task, and department. Together, we’ll determine which company suits you best.

This is you

  • You’ve (almost) finished a university degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computational Science or something similar.
  • You’re familiar with the principles of programming languages, such as: Python, Java(Script) en C/C#/C++.
  • You always aspire to achieve the highest quality and are performance-oriented.
  • You have a positive attitude and work in a structured manner.
  • You have strong analytical skills.
  • You are capable of working independently
  • You currently live in the Netherlands.

What our traineeship brings to you

Accelerate your development

Get ready to grow. With a jam-packed schedule, you’ll take huge strides in developing knowledge and skills. Plus, you’ll get a personal budget to spend on specialised training and courses.

A personal talent manager

During your traineeship, you’ll be guided by your very own talent manager. By giving you their full focus and personalised advice, you’ll learn a lot about your qualities and how you can unlock your full potential. But it doesn’t stop there; you’ll also find out what your blind spots are and how you deal with pitfalls.

Close-knit group of young professionals

You’re not in this alone. Share your experiences and knowledge with young professionals from all kinds of backgrounds in both a professional and personal environment. You’ll see that by the end of your traineeship, you’ll have built strong personal and professional relationships with this group of people.

The benefits

  • A gross salary of €3,629.53 per month based on 40 hours (including vacation allowance and a 13th month pay).
  • The opportunity to develop yourself in a fast-growing environment.
  • 25 annual leave days (based on 40 hours).
  • Travel reimbursement.
  • A wide selection of courses focused on topics such as SQL and Access.
  • Personal training budget of €2,000 annually. Free to be spent however you see fit.
  • The freedom to (partially) work from home.

"When you start working full-time straight out of university, you need some time to adjust. By pursuing a traineeship, you get added value of proper guidance and advice."

avatar Bregje Klomp
Young Professional

“The traineeship really boosted my confidence. I stand up for myself more, and I have more confidence in my own abilities.”

avatar Matthijs Lip
Young Professional

The traineeship

To grow from a starting software engineer into a specialist, it’s crucial to develop yourself in various areas. During your studies, you’ve already gained a lot of knowledge about IT, but now it’s time to put that knowledge into practice at one of our client companies.

In addition to your job at the company, you’ll also receive coaching from a talent manager at Solid Professionals. With your talent manager, you’ll discuss your progress and any issues you might encounter on your client assignment.

Not your average employer

During your traineeship, you’re employed by Solid Professionals. And let us tell you, we’re not your average employer. We are convinced organisations are built by the people who work for them, which leads us to believe that we need to help our employees achieve their full potential.


Your development and happiness at work are our priority. We aim to be your source of information and knowledge and hope to be someone you can truly rely on. To stay connected with one another, we organise lunches, drinks, BBQs, and sports activities. We also regularly invite interesting guest speakers, so we all stay inspired. With all these fun and interesting activities, you’ll get to know all of your fellow trainees and alumni who have gone through the same process as you.

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