Interview with young professional Evangelos

4 June 2020 -

Can you tell me a little bit about your background?

Yes! About seven years ago I came to the Netherlands, to study my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. After my graduation I started working at a sub company of But after two years I wanted to find a new challenge. So I contacted Solid Professionals and joined the landing services department.

So you did have contact with Hermes | Partners before?

Yes, a few months before I graduated, Solid Professionals contacted me about a position on the financial markets department at ING. Although I liked the offer, ING wanted me to start two or three months before my graduation.  But my schedule was very tight, so unfortunately I had to reject the offer! So this is how the contact with Solid Professionals went. Like I  said after graduating and working at another company I contacted Hermes | Partners again, because I was still interested in the position.

Can you tell me something about your experiences in the program so far?

I really enjoy the program to be honest! It was a nice challenge for me, because the previous company I worked for was very small, (we were just with four people), and then suddenly I went to ING where there are thousands of employees. That was actually a pretty interesting change. Also working here at ING is much more complex than my previous company! Therefore it is really interesting to see how things work in a big and complex organization. It is a really interesting challenge. And I think I have learned and grown a lot in the past few months!

How do you feel about the contact you have had with your talentmanager Lieke?

It was really interesting because I have never had such an experience in my life. I never had someone next to me with whom I could discuss topics about what I do and don’t like. Also the MBTI-analysis, which basically analyses your character,  was really interesting. It was amazing to have Lieke for whenever I need help or I need to discuss something.  Another thing with Lieke and the discussions we had, was that she helped me a lot with certain skills and knowledge that I personally don’t have from my background. It helped me a lot to speak with someone who has a lot of experience to gain a different perspective. So we mostly had nice development discussions.

Can you tell me a little bit about the courses you have taken?

To be honest with you I only took the MBTI course. It was really valuable! It was really interesting because you learn day to day things about yourself. Having a researcher explaining these things was even more valuable. You learn things about yourself that you would not imagine or even think about. This was the beautiful part of it, I thought I was A, but then MBTI proved to me that I was B. The interesting part for me was that I believed that I had two major skills. MBTI proved me to be the exact opposite and I found out that because of that, I struggle with certain topics. While I always these things that I was struggling with had a different reason. MBTI proved to me it was just the way I work. So I would say that the MBTI was the highlight! I am still reading about it from time to time.

Would you recommend us to other people?

Definitely, I had a really nice experience in everything! Everyone is very friendly and the nice part with Solid Professionals is that you actually have a good company portfolio. I am saying this because I already had working experience,  so I could also have skipped Solid Professionals and find another way to do it. I have spoken with a lot of agencies like Hermes | Partners, but Solid Professionals is the only one that had interesting roles available. They really want to learn more about you, and they don’t see you as just another number that comes in to their bankaccount.  So I really liked this, and that’s one of the reasons I would highly  recommend you to other people!


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