Talent of the future

There’s no future without talent. And to remain attractive as an employer, you have to look ahead and invest in young talent. Many organisations consider this topic important yet often push it to the bottom of the to-do list.


With our expertise and knowledge on the theme of Future-focused talent, we help organisations to recruit, retain and guide young talent.

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The dialogue between business and young talent

We are constantly connecting with both partners and (future) talent. We combine the knowledge and experience we gain and use it to link these two worlds – acting as a connection between the two parties. By keeping the dialogue going, you take control of captivating and retaining the talent of the future. Questions we’ll dive into here:

  • Who and what are the talent of the future? 
  • How do you go about contacting them, and why?
  • What does young talent stand to offer your company?
  • What if you choose not to invest in the future?
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Young professional program

We have garnered a strong connection with young talent since our organisation’s inception in 2007. Facilitating the same open dialogue with them as we do with our clients. This keeps communication clear and gives our young talent ownership over their apprenticeship. Our traineeships are designed to cater to the needs and challenges that young talent has. We know the target group through and through because we listen and always will. By doing so, we improve our program every year for the young professionals of that moment.

More about our young professionals

Solid Professionals has been connecting young professionals to organisations in the financial sector for over 15 years. And with great results. By matching the wishes of the target group with those of our partners, we’re able to develop talent even further. Our young talent receives the right tools for a successful start and a long career whilst our partners are better equipped for the future. It’s a win/win situation.

Our themes as a basis for our service

In addition to the theme of Future-focused talent, we also focus on:

Data driven Finance and Risk 

Problems surrounding data analysis, quality, and visualisation require smart solutions. Data-driven Finance & Risk allows the financial industry to become, and stay, transparent and healthy.

More about this theme

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